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Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to edit webpage by Google chrome inspect element and have fun

 In this post I am going to provide another tricky tutorial. Here I will show you an easy way to edit any webpage without any external software. You can edit the webpage  and take a fake screen shot of it for fun. Everything will look original until you click the refresh button. This is how people can show you fake result for scam. In this tutorial I will show how I can change my adsense earnings (fake). Let's begin this interesting tutorial.

Step 1,: Open Google chrome  go to any website you want to edit according to your wish. Select the text you want edit then right click on it. Then select inspect element . As you can see in the picture below, I have selected the amount of my Adsense account.

Step 2: After clicking Inspect element you will see a box has appeared below your web bar. Now the important thing is to find the sentence code you want to edit. You will find the sentence easily. Afterwards, double click on it and then simply change the value, as you can see I have changed my Adsense revenue from 0.00 to 10000.50.

Step 3: Look at the right side of the box appeared and click close button to remove the code box. Then everything will look original. Now you can show a video to convince people that it is original; but in fact it is not.

You can also try to change any other things you want ;) . Note this will not do any harm to the website because it won't change anything permanently. When you will click refresh button everything will be normal :D . I hope you have enjoyed reading this article , please post comment here if you like it. 

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