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Friday, March 30, 2012

Top 10 funny interesting troll websites to have fun in your boring time

Hey!! In this Post I am going to write about the top 10 funny interesting sites where you could have fun in your boring time. While you work on your computer you might get bored and want something interesting to get rid of the boringness. Check the list of top 10 troll Websites Below ;) :

1) 9GAG: This is currently the most popular troll website to have ultimate lough and fun. Many users publishing extremely funny content everyday. Sometimes I get very surprised to see the creativity and humor of the 9Gag users. 

2) Break: This is another great site for watching interesting funny photos and videos. You will find lots of funny pictures and videos to get rid of the Boringness. 

3) Failblog: You must have heard about Failblog. This is one of the most popular website for watching real EPIC fail videos and photos. 

4) Membase : Membase is the Source of Internet Troll. You can create a troll comic by using Membase and upload it. Users can vote the uploaded comics to rank them up.

5) VideoBash: Another Awesome website where you can watch some great funny Videos. 

6) TheOnion : Well Onion usually brings tear into our eyes but trust me, this onion site is going to make you lough hard. 

7) Reddit: Reddit is a social Bookmarking site where most of the bookmarks are for fun. You will find lots of funny contents if you choose the right category. 

8) Fark : Have I posted too many similar sites which making you sleep? How about a site with lots of funny news. Fark provides real news and they are real funny. 

9) This would be a great site if you are looking for funny articles. 

10. : The last and final Website is Pctrick!! Yes and that is my own Blog. Well I know I am Bias. 

Thanks for reading my Blog. Make sure to bookmark this Blog. Keep visiting and have fun.