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Monday, December 17, 2012

Google image search trick: How to verify the original source and description of an image by using Google

In this Blog I will show an awesome trick to verify the originality and description of an image. If you are curious about a picture but do not have any idea about it, you can use the trick to know more about the picture. You can also verify the original source of the picture. You can also verify whether it is fake or real. The trick is very simple and easy. 

How to use the trick: 

2. Keep the Google image Tab open in your browser. Now find the picture and drag it  on "Google image tab". 

Let me show you more clearly. Look at the picture below : 

Now hold down the picture and drag it on the other tab (Google image search tab) for a while. The new tab will be opened automatically within 3 seconds. As you can see in the picture at your right side. In the Google search bar you will see "drop the image here" option. Drop the image on the search bar and wait for few seconds. Uncle Google will tell you everything about the picture. Google will tell you all the description of this picture , the real identity of this player , the original source of this picture etc. Sometime in Facebook you will see some people/pages will upload this kind of rare picture and ask the name. You can simply use the Google image tool and answer it immediately. 

I hope you have enjoyed the trick. Thanks for visiting my blog. 

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