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Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to increase your hard disk space

Are yo facing problem with the memory space of your local hard disk.? Now a days we play lots of games , download movies , install software which eventually takes all the memory of our hard disk. Now i will give you some solution to solve this problem.

1.  Defragment  your  hard disk: Go to my computer, select a local disk and right click on it then click properties , Then click tools  then select Defragment now. Your computer will take some time to defragment the files but it will increase some memory 

2. Delete unnecessary file: When you browse internet a lot of bunch of files automatically takes memory on your computer. To delete this download a free software called Ccleaner. This software is one of my favorite and most useful. It will delete unnecessary files and will help to keep your computer run faster. To download Ccleaner go to this link 

3. Uninstall unnecessary software: We often downloads some unnecessary softwares and forgets to delete them.. Uninstall them to save some free space. 

4. Buy a new portable hard disk: Buy a new portable hard disk And move your multimedia files to the portable hard disk to keep your personal computer free from burden. Nowadays portable hard disk are very cheap to purchase

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