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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to increase laptop battery life - extend battery life

In this post i will give you some simple tips to increase the battery life of your Laptop. Laptops original batteries are really expensive to buy. If you don't take care of your laptop batteries then after just finishing the warranty date, they are going to be useless. So try the following steps and save some battery life :) 

                                            Image source: Public Domain pictures

Step 1: Right click on your blank desktop, click properties and then select screen saver, then select power, now from the box click power scheme and then select maximum battery life.

Step 2: Do not run your laptop with high brightness, turn down the brightness.

Step 3: Try charging the battery after finishing all the charge. I mean it’s better to charge it when the charge is almost finished because it helps to recharge you battery perfectly. It’s better not to charge from the middle rather finish the rest and then recharge.

Step 4: You need your batteries to use your laptop when you are outside. At home or office you don’t actually need batteries. You can run the laptop by removing the battery and then connect the plug to main switch to run the laptop, like the same way we run our desktop PC. But be careful to place your laptop in a steady place so that the plug doesn’t get disconnected. It will help your battery to last longer for years without any doubt. Use your batteries for portable use.

Step 5: Increase your ram, it will help by reducing the power usage of Hard drive.

Step 6: Playing  High resolution video games and watching DVD movies will decrease  your battery life , So you decide what to do

Step 7: keep your battery away from water & moisture 

Hope it will help :) please give comment to share your opinion 

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