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Monday, July 18, 2011

How to increase the speed and performance of your computer - softwares for increasing PC speed

In this blog I will give you a very simple tips to maintain the speed and performance of your computer. A lot of you will notice that when you buy a new computer it works perfectly. But after using it for couple of months it gets slower. So, Now I will give you some tips to make your computer Faster and cleaner.

1. Clean your computer everyday with Ccleaner: Ccleaner is a very useful free software by which you can save a lot of disk space everyday. You can make your computer fast by removing the unnecessary cookies and files.  When you browse internet a lot of files and cookies gets downloaded in your computer's temporary internet folders.Now You can remove all the useless stuff easily by using cleaner. This software will help you to remove a lot of garbage from your PC/laptop everyday. This also helps your computer to stay away from viruses as well.

2. Use defraggler to defragment your computer automatically: Defraggler is another useful software like Cleaner from the same manufacturer (Piriform). When you run your computer eventually it gets slower because of some complicated issues with your ram and hard disks (I don't feel you need to know about that stuff since your main objective is to make your computer Fast). You need do defragmentation. You can do defragmentation manually but that will be complicated and can take a day to complete the defragmentation. Download the defreggaler software from the above link and you can defragment your computer disk very easily. It may take couple of hours since this process is very critical.

3. Antivirus(Internet security) :  Another most important thing to keep the performance of your computer is to have a good antivirus. Since internet is full of viruses, you will definitely need an antivirus. The current number 1 ranked antivirus is Bitdefender. You can also use other good Antivirus software like Eset, Norton, Kaspersky etc. Avira and Avg free antivirus are also good but they won't work perfectly if you use the free version.

4. Do not keep the unnecessary software or application: Do not forget to uninstall the software's you don't need. If you keep them then they will take the Ram space automatically when you start you computer. So it is better to uninstall each and every unnecessary application and software's.

5. In one of my articles in Hubpages I have described the process to increase the starting time of your computer. With this trick you can really start your computer very fast and it really works. This will need some manual configuration. Please follow the Tips no.3 of this article - Funny computer tricks

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