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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A cool website to make colorful silk design and graphic text

In this Blog I am going to introduce you with a cool website where you will be able to make colorful wave silk design just by moving your mouse pointer. You can also write your name with that super cool wave silk design.

Below you can see a picture : 

Wanna check the site? 

To check the site go to this link - Weave Silk

At first  learn about some basic shortcut key . Click and drag your mouse pointer to draw whatever you want. The silk weave will flow to make beautiful design.

Some of the shortcut keys are:  

X = Press X to create a new design by removing the old one. 

S = Press S to stop the flow of the silk. This is very important key. When you draw anything it the wind will blow the color trend. You must press "s" before the color trend goes too far away. 

Shift+Move mouse pointer = when you draw anything the wind blows to the right and the color trend also goes on that Direction. Press shift and then move your mouse pointer to change the wind direction. 

Below you can see a picture where I have written "Pctric" :

Hope you will like the site. Thanks for visiting my Blog. 

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