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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Computer Trick - Bugs that the Microsoft couldn't explain

Did you know that there are bugs in Microsoft which the developer itself fails to explain? Well there are couple of crazy bugs that you and I could test at this very moment. Here we go, lets begin -

  1. Did you know that nobody can literally label a folder as 'CON'?

    Try labeling a folder as 'CON' on your computer and you would see it would show up an error message. It is because CON is a reserved keyword used by DOS, there is an alternative way to label a folder as CON, just go to the command prompt and type MD\\.\D:\CON, this would create the folder on D Drive. You can create it but can't just normally delete it. To delete the folder go back to command prompt and then type RD\\.\D:\CON.

    There are other reserved keywords such as PRN, AUX, COM0 - COM9, LPT1, LPT2, NUL can't be used directly to label a folder name. 

  2. Lets try another one now. Open Microsoft Word and type in =rad(200,99) & then press the ENTER button and then witness the magic.
    Another bug that the developer failed to answer.
  3. This is a WEIRDO one! I assume everyone of you reading this blog know about the disastrous event that took place in New York on 11th September, 2001. It was claimed that one of the plane that hit the World Trade Center had it's flight number as Q33N. Note down the flight number.

    Now open Notepad and type in the flight number, yes it is Q33N. After doing so increase the font size to 72 and then change the font style to Wingding.
    I bet you would be amazed by what you see! 

Crazy isn't it. Hope you lads enjoyed the post. Will come up with something spicy next time, till then adios!

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