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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The simplest way to stop people from copying your Blog contents - prevent plagiarism

Hey there welcome to! Recently I have noticed that many auto bloggers are copying my Blog contents without any permission. Some of the articles in their  Blogs are ranking higher than mine although I am the original author. So I have decided to stop this copy pasting fraud. I have found many solutions, but in this Blog I will give you the easiest and most effective solution.

 There are many articles you will find where you are advised to paste a long HTM/javascript code to prevent people from using the right click. This surely an effective method to prevent people from plagiarism. However I did not like the method because this could cause problem to the normal Bloggers. The normal readers might need to copy one or 2 words for normal purposes. Moreover for simple blogger it become a difficult job to integrate long HTML/JavaScript codes.  

What is the best solution then? is the best solution for preventing plagiarism activity within a second. Just go to and sign up easily for free. Then set your Blog URL and and click Article Option, you will find a simple short Java script code. Just copy the simple code and paste it anywhere between the <body> tags. Now if anyone try to copy more than 10 words a pop message will appear to stop people from copying your contents. 

Other features: 
1) You can also protect your images by using the site integration. 
2) You can set word limits to copy. 
3) You can also use settings for protecting your images 
4) You can show your ads with your article embeds 

I really love the site! I hope you will enjoy the free service too. 

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