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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Best Tablet in the market - Top reasons to buy Google nexus 7 (nexus 7 review)

Google nexus 7 is the new Tablet Computer designed and marketed by Google. The device is originally manufactured by ASUS. It is one of the best Tablet with affordable price in the market. Below we are going to explain why you should buy a Google Nexus 7. 

Photo source: By closari

1) It is cheap: Compare to other tablet computer Google nexus 7 is very cheap. It has got lots of cool features and specification, but you can buy a nexus 7 with a very low price. According to Google retail price, you can buy the 8 GB google nexus 7 with only 199 Us dollars and 16 GB with 249 Us dollars. 

2) Neither too big nor too small : The Google nexus 7 is neither too big nor too small. You can grab a nexus 7 with one hand. It becomes difficult to carry large Tablets, on the other hand the too small tablets are difficult to use. Nexus 7 is designed in way that you can use and carry it easily. 

3) It has got Jelly Bean: It has Android 4 .1 .1 (jelly bean) operating system which is the latest version of Android OS. This makes the it unique than other android Tablets. Jelly Bean has lots of cool features and user interface to give you a new experience. 

4) It is much more stronger than other tablet: The Google Nexus 7 is very durable tablet computer compare to other tablet. Don't believe? Check the video below, 

5) Gorilla coning glass: Google Nexus 7 has Gorilla corning glass which will prevent the screen from any kind of external scratch. 

6) Super Fast: The Nexus 7 Tablet has 1.3 GHz quad-core Cortex-A9 processor which makes it super fast. You can do multitasking without any lagging. Moreover the processor can overclock up to 2 GHZ!!! 

7) Free 25 dollars to spend in Google app store: You will get free 25 dollars credit to your Google account once you integrate your Google account into the new Nexus 7 Tablet. You can use the credits to buy apps from the Google store. 

Other useful phone specification: 
8 Gb or 16 Gb storage 
1.2 MP front camera 
Gorilla Corning glass
OS: Jelly bean 
Chipset: Nvidia tegra 3 (Super graphics) 
CPU: 1.3 GHz quad-core Cortex-A9 processor (2 GHZ if overclocked)
GPU: ULP GeForce 
So what are you waiting for? Check out the amazon deal and buy your NEXUS 7 Now! 

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