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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to create a picture of your activity from computer by Print screen option.

Suppose you want to take a picture of the activities  in your computer for creating some important document. For example you want to include the steps of doing something in your computer by picture then you need this print screen key to print the image.

Now the question is what is Print screen Key?

You can find the Windows print screen key in the top of your Keyboard. Find a key where it's Written SysRq or print screen. 

How to create an image by this print screen key?

To create an image press SysRq button , remember press it when you need to print that page. Whenever you will press it , it will copy the screen. So now the question is how you will get it in Jpeg format? It's easy . Just open paint from the start menu and click edit in the paint then click paste. you will notice that the image you wanted is pasted there. Now click save as and then select the image format you want to save it as. For Example jpeg, Bitmap etc.  Your picture is ready for use. i you want to edit a little bit then you can open the image by  Microsoft office picture manager or any other photo editing software to edit the image. Hope you get it. thank you very much for reading

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