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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free online screen recorder - How to record from your computer screen

We have seen many youtube videos where computer instructions are given by recording from their own computer. Those who don't know how they do it for them this post will be very useful. You can not record it by your digital camera, yes you can but the quality of that video won't be good at all. To record this video you need a free software call Cam studio . There are plenty of Software are available but i found this one free and very simple. I often use this software to record important instruction given by the professor in class. For example when my teacher is doing some steps in excel i may forget it, so i turn this software on and follow the instruction and later practice the steps from the video. You can also create instructional videos via this software.

So to download this cam studio go to this link ----> Click here . Download the software from the download link. Then install the software very easily then start recording. You can record the full screen or record only a specific part of your computer screen. Click region to select the option to record full screen. You can pause the video to take a break. When you will click stop button it will ask you to save the file. Just give a name and then type .avi (to make it as avi file) then select the location.  Thats it , your video will be ready.

Thanks for reading hope this tips will help

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