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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Final exam over and the start of summer vacation- now only fun fun fun

Hello dear readers :) , Today i just have finished my last exam. The end of an exhausting and frustrating semester. Now i am happy that the exams are over and now i am free to do whatever i want.

I got a summer vacation for almost 4 months. Are you Surprised to hear about such a long break? It's because i live in a country (Qatar) which is in Gulf and temperature here is over 50 degree Celsius. So most of the people takes more time to cool down. lol

What is my plan in this summer? Well at first i will hang around here and there in Qatar with my friends and family.
I will try to write as much blog and articles as possible to earn some pocket money online. Then i will try to take my driving license because i need it badly. You must need your own car in Qatar other wise you will suffer badly.
Then i will go to my home country to meet a special person of mine ;)

I hope you guys are enjoying your vacation too. Stay happy and healthy. Thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers :)

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