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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Funny computer prank- Fake warning message in your pc by Message manager lite

Hello readers, I hope all of you are fine and having a wonderful day. Today i am going to show you another funny Pc prank. You can set up this trick in your friends computer and make them worry for a while. This is just a simple trick by which you can show fake warning message to anyone and make them freak out for a while. The funniest part is that, you can write your own warning Quote which will be more fun.

The instruction:

1. Click here and download the setup file of the software called "Message manager lite". Don't get frustrated that you have to install a whole new software. This software is much smaller than 1 MB file and it doesn't require any installation.

2. After downloading the file , open it and Unzip the file. Your Anti-virus software may warn you that it is a harmful software but actually it is not. As it is a for fun anti-virus software will suspect anything. After unzipping the file click the software then a new box will appear as you can see in the picture 

3. Now just write whatever warning message you want to write then set the time for the warning message to pop up and then click OK. As you can see i wrote the message "You computer has been infected by a deadly Zombie virus and it is going to eat your life way" . After 1 message the warning message popped up and my little brother was freaked out You can see it below in the picture

I hope you have enjoyed the prank show. Thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers

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