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Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to make animation with Pivot Stick animator - create your own stickman animation

Hello :) Do you like cartoon? .Most of you are familiar with stick man.Cartoons . I am going to show you how to make stick-man animation easily. As you can see at the left side , I have created a a stickman who is dancing. Is he? ;) You can also create better animation.

First of all you will need to download pivot stick animator. To down load          Click here then click download now. Install the software and you are ready to start.

It is very easy to make animation by this software. At the beginning I will tell how to make .gif animation first. Later you will learn how to make .avi videos and cartoon of stickman. You can add sound , voice , extra animated accessories to make a real cartoon. But before that , lets learn the basic first.

Animation: A simple animation of game :)

I have recorded a quick tutorial to help you learn how to use the software - check the video ;) 

It was my first tutorial video so i know it was at beginner level. Lol. Now if you want to download accessories/ objects please Click here

It took a bit of time to write this article. I hope you will enjoy making funny animation. Keep visiting my blog :) 

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