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Monday, June 27, 2011

OMG! has got a Page rank of 1 within a very short period of time

I was always curious of blogging and had a dream of becoming a good blogger. I know I am not a good wrote but all i can do is to try hard. I started this blog couple of months ago but could not give much time on it due to my studies and busy daily life.

Recently i just finished my final exam so I was trying to work on this blog. A few hours ago my Blog was not even listed in the Google page ranking. Whenever I checked the ranking of this blog the result used to be N/A . That means not available. But few minutes ago I was really surprised to see Gamercity2 got a page rank of 1. 

Page rank of 1 is big thing for me. I have seen plenty of big blog having a page rank of 0. 

Now I am much motivated to work hard for this Blog. I don't earn much from this blog but I want to make this blog much bigger.

Thanks to all of my readers. keep supporting me. Cheers  

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