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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blog Update: Buying a new .com domain for my blogger blog - Advantages and disadvantages of buying a domain

Hello :) , 

I am a small blogger , Currently I am using a free blogger hosting platform and a free blogger domain. The domain name is which does not make any sense with the Niche of this Blog. So I must change this domain into a premium .com domain. Yes for a premium .com domain I have to pay around 11 dollars per year. I can redirect my Old blogger domain to my new domain too.

Some of the Advantages of buying a .com domains are:

*Short name: The domain name will be usually shorter because there will be no sub domain. This will help the readers to memorize the domain permanently which will bring lots of direct traffic.

* Relevant domain name makes it easier to rank you blog well according to the niche.

* Search engine gives more priority to the .com domain.

* Blogger has the full rights to deactivate you sub domain at any time without any notification.  So it's better to buy a domain and build reputation. You will have the full control of your domain.

* Get more professional and committed with a premium domain.

* The old readers can still reach to your new domain by getting redirected from the old domain.

Disadvantages of buying a domain:
There are few disadvantages are there too beside many advantages.

* of course it's not free. The average cost is around 10-20 dollars per year.

* If you are blogging for a short time , then you better stick with a free sub-domain.

* The page rank will start from the beginning,. For example , my current blogger blog has a page rank of 1. If i buy a domain then I have to start with 0. The good news is , Google will quickly increase your page rank if you continue blogging passionately.

* Domain expiry: You must be careful about the date of the expiry. Anyone can steal your domain if you do not extend the period of your domain. Most of the people looks for a old domain because Old domains are ranked well and usually has lots of back links. So it's better to register a domain for many years. Also don't forget to extend the domain period before it expires.

I am going to buy a short unique domain name which will match well with the blog niche. Hope all of you are going to like it. 

Thank you for reading my blog. cheers!

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