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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Facebook status prank : How to make a fake screen shot of your friends status or comment

In this blog you will learn how to edit a friends status or comment and then take a screen shot (photo) of it as a proof. You can use this prank only for fun. 

You can edit any text from any site temporarily via Google Chrome inspect element. If you don't know how to edit any web page by Google chrome then you better read this article - Click here . I wrote this article on another site.

Now you can use this trick to make fun of your friends. For example : Suppose on of your friends wrote a status "I am going to watch a Movie"

Now you can simply edit this status with the help of Google chrome. Select the status and right click on it. Click "Inspect Element". Now you will see the script of the page at the bottom of your browser. In the script  find the sentence you have selected. Double click in it and write a new prank sentence. For example: "I have become a Zombie and I will eat all of your brains" . Now click the "cross sign" at the right side of the box to close the script. You will see the changes in the status which will look real but for a short period of time. Everything will be back to normal if you refresh your browser. So, you should take Screen shot of that status to make fun.

You know how to take screen shot right? Just click the "Print screen" or "SYsRQ" button. Open run and type "Mspaint" . Press Enter and windows paint will pop up. Click the "Edit" button and select "Paste". You will find a copy of your Fb screen with the fake status. Now click "Save as" and select "Jpeg" format.

You have the proof of that status now. Now you can upload that photo in the Facebook and show your close friends that he posted that status. Well use this trick for any misleading purpose since the trick is easily detectable. Make fun with it in your style. Hope the trick will be very useful.

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