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Friday, December 2, 2011

Get Cool Android App for your Phone - Jeannie review !

Hello Folks! If you have an android phone and you are looking for a cool app, you are probably in the 'right' blog. You must have heard about the apple application 'Siri', isn't it cool? Yes! it is. The Android market brings you an amazing application which is similar to 'siri'. It's called 'Jeannie'.

If you are not aware of what 'siri' or 'jeannie' does, then here is a quick review of it.
It is basically an application that runs your speech command. In easy word, what ever you say it to do by your speech it does it for you. Hope that made sense !! It's basically like talking to your phone. You can ask it to do various things like -
  • Setting up alarms and reminders
  • Sending text messages and email
  • Calling your contact
  • Listening to music or watch a video
  • Browse the internet and find what ever you looking for like images, applications, places etc.....!
  • And Lot more.....
  • Check out the video on your right to know more about 'Jeannie' :D
And you can do all these just by saying it to your phone! Amazing, isn't it ! =]
Now lets get to know how do download this amazing Applicaiton -
  • To Download via your PC, just click here!
  • To Download via your Phone, just go to the Android market and search for 'Jeannie'

I'm pretty much sure you would love this application. It is just amazing! Looking forward for your feedback! Hope you will like it :D

(Note: PCtrick doesn't own the video posted. Credit goes to the uploader for sharing it on youtube)

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