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Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Let it Snow" or "do a barrel roll" like Google's search trick in winter

In our previous post we told you about the Google's search trick to "do a barrel Roll". In this post We will share with you another cool Google trick.

Follow the step: 

1) Just go to

2) Then type - "Let it snow"

3) Wait for couple of seconds to see the effects. So what do you see? An awesome winter surprise for you! Don't forget to wipe the snow by your mouse pointer. 

List of some other search tricks are : 

1) Search "Do a barrel roll"

2) Search "Askew"

3) Search "Hanukkah"

4) Play pacman in Google -

5) Play angry bird in chrome -

Google's engineers are really cool and awesome which makes Google so special. We hope you have enjoyed this new trick as well. Thanks for visiting :)

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