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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Get the collection of all the cool Google Doodles!

Hello folks! It’s time for revealing a trick that you didn’t know. If you did know about it, you are a GENIUS. 

How many Google Doodle have you come across till date? I’m pretty sure quite a lot of them, right? YEAH!
Whenever an occasion arises, the Google developer’s designs different Logo on the Google search page. It’s quite difficult to keep track on all of them. I will now teach you 2 very simple steps, by which you can see the entire collection of Google doodle up to date. The steps are as follows –
  • Go to
  • Do not write anything on the search bar and just click ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’
  • Check out the magic!
It is cool, isn’t it? Find out your favourite one :)

Hope you enjoyed it. Keep tuning  for more updates!

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