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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Get ready for Google Chrome Book and Chrome Box - Advantages and disadvantages of Chrome Book

Soon Google is going to introduce Chrome Book and chrome Box to give you a different experience in using laptop. Samsung is working to build this laptops.

The main advantages are :

1) You can reboot your computer faster than any other laptop
2) Built in Fast browser
3) Access lots of Apps
4) Most of the virus is designed for Windows, so Normal Virus usually won't work against Google OS.
5) It updates automatically , you don't have to do anything.
6) All of your Data will be stored securely in the Cloud , you can share them easily.
7) It has battery life time for 8 hours which is great!

Some of the Disadvantages are: 

1) The laptop is almost completely dependent on Internet connection!
2) You can not run all the application and software you want!

Approximate Worth for Google Chrome Book : 449 Us dollars 
Approximate Worth for Google Chrome Box : 330 Us dollars 

Check the Official Video Below :

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