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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg spending less money after marriage or trying to lead a simple life?

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of the popular Social Network Facebook, got married recently with his long term girlfriend Priscilla Chan. Recently a news published regarding his spending after the marriage. In the news it is published that he is spending very less after the marriage than he used to do before.

Mark Zuckerberg was in honeymoon with his wife Priscilla Chan in Rome. The couple had a lunch by spending only 32 Euros. Now people are asking why would a man have a lunch worth 32 Euros when his net worth is 14.7 Us billion Dollars as of 2012?

Well in my Opinion I guess he is trying to spend a very simple life despite becoming rich in a very short period of time. Some people is happy to lead a normal life than a luxurious life. Spending a simple life could make your life more happier than a luxurious life.

We are wishing Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan a very happy life.

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