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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Funny deadly Screen saver prank to give your friend a mini heart attack

In this post we will teach you a very funny computer prank by which you can give your friend a mini heart attack. 

The infamous "blue screen of death" is very notorious because it gives you the message that your Computer system file has been damaged and almost irrecoverable. Nobody likes to see the Blue screen of Death message in their computer. Just follow the procedure below to do the Screen saver Prank

Step number 1: Download/save the Screen shot of the (blue screen of death) picture below :

Step number 2: Set the picture as screen saver of your friend Computer. How to set the picture as screen saver? First go to my Documents, then My picture , paste the Picture in the my Picture folder and move other picture if there is any. Then go to your desktop , right click , click properties, click Screen saver and Choose "my picture slideshow" from the option. Set the waiting time to 1 minutes only. Then click setting and choose 100% screen option. Then click apply and Ok. 

This is a good prank to make fun with your friends. Hope you have enjoyed the prank. For more pranks and tips please subscribe your Email (look at the top right side) in the subscription Box to get notification about the new post. Don't forget to join our Facebook Fan page to get lots of informative updates - Join the Facebook Fan page

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