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Monday, June 18, 2012

Quick trick to increase computer Speed

Hey folks! Here is a quick easy tip for you to increase the performance of your computer. Often you will notice your computer slows down when you run your computer for a long period of time. If you face this problem then you can apply our quick Tip. 

The process: 

1) Click Start, then click Run or Press CTRL + R. Then in the Run box type Recent. Delete all the files from the folder pops up. Similarly Press CTRL + R and then type %Temp% and delete all the files. 

This will increase the performance of your computer temporarily. 

Besides you can install Ccleaner software which is a very effective in improving your computer's performance. With the help of Ccleaner you can delete all the temporary files , internet cache, cookies, data etc.  This will save lots of memory in your hard disk , also increase the performance of your computer. To Download Ccleaner Click here

Hope this quick tip will help you to run your computer faster than before. You can also read Funny computer tricks to learn about more interesting  tricks. Please make sure you subscribe by submitting your email at the top right box to get notifications of the latest posts. Also don't forget to Like our Facebook fan page for interesting news :) 

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