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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Funny Facebook tricks

In this post we are going to share some of the awesome Facebook Tricks to spice up you social networking life! Are you ready for the tricks? Lets start!

1) Facebook owner names: If you type "@[4:0]" (without quote) anywhere in Facebook as comment and press enter then Mark Zuckerberg's name will appear. In the same way if you type other similar codes like @[5:0] and press enter then the name of Chris Hughes will appear. Chris Hughes is also a co-founder of Facebook. You can change the number by yourself and can discover new names.

2) Last 3 digit of your cell phone number: There is a saying that your Phone number has it's own name. If you type the last 3 digit of your phone number in the above mentioned code, a new name will appear in the comment. For example , if the last 3 digit of your number is 765 then you should type @[765:0]. The name Jessica Lau should appear. It might not work if you have a 0 in the last 2 digit. Is it really  the name of your phone number? No it's not! This names might be related to Facebook staff and owners.

3) Facebook Pranks : For doing prank with your friends you should check out this post - Click here

4) Edit comment: Facebook has added a new feature! Now you can edit your comment at anytime you want. After posting a comment at the right side if you move your mouse cursor you will notice a new option which says "edit or delete". Click on it and select edit to edit your comment.

5) Give a status with uʍop ǝpısdn (upside down) Letters : Screw your friends by posting a funny short status with upside down Alphabets. You can simply Flip any sentence using the Flip Text generator - Just go to this link and Flip the Text.

6) Post status to specific people: This status is very simple and everybody should know it. You can post status to specific people where all the other friends will be restricted to see it. This option is very useful when you don't want to share the status to everyone. First click on the Friends option beside post button , then select custom, now you can either hide specific people or choose specific people to see the post.

7) Chat with friends from desktop via application - Click here to Read this post

8) Get a Facebook Browser : Now you can browse Facebook all the time while browsing other website.Just Download and Install Rockmelt web browser. Click here for more details

Hope all these funny Facebook  tricks made you happy! Make sure you subscribe by submitting your email at the top right Box to get updates about more funny  tricks. Also don't forget to Like our Facebook Fan page for cool updates and News! 

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