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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to keep your computer clean and run faster forever!

In this Article We will give some simple tips to make your computer cleaner and run Faster for long period of time. We often get annoyed when we see our computer slowed down after a period of time. So in this post we will give you some tips to make your computer run faster . Check the tips Below: 

Uninstall unnecessary software and application: We often install many unnecessary application and later forget to uninstall them. These application becomes burden in our computer and eventually slow down our computers. So at first you need to delete all this unnecessary application and software. To uninstall the software you should go to Control Panel, then select Add or remove Software. Then find and select the software you would like to uninstall. We have reviewed about an awesome software to remove all the unnecessary application within a minute. Read the article for more details about it. 

Increase your Ram performance: A lot of you may have these setting already set. If you don't have then follow the instruction. Right click on my computer then select properties ,then select advanced.Then from theperformance option select setting , then from new box select advanced and then click change from the virtual memory option. Now in the double the number in Maximum size then the number initial size. This tips will help your computer to utilize the most of your Ram. 

Error-checking: Our computers often faces some error and eventually this errors stuck on our computer hard disk which makes the computer slow. To get rid of this problem we need you need to check error . To do so go to My computer and press enter .Our main hard disk is usually C: and we need this drive to be free from error. So right click on Hard disk C and then click tools. Then from the Error-Checking option click Check now. You may need to restart the computer to do so. It will make your computer Faster.

Disk Defragmentation : We need to defragment our disk to make our computer Faster. just follow the same steps as stated above. Locate Hard disk C then click properties then click tools and then click defragment Now from the option Disk defragmentation.

Clean the Desktop: We often keep unnecessary file in our desktop but it actually effects the performance of our computer. Delete the unnecessary files or move them to Local disk if necessary. Only keep shortcuts in our Desktop. If we keep Wallpaper in our desktop it also effect slightly to slow down our computer. a blank screen is always better.
Remove temporary internet files and cache from your web browser: Browsing internet slow down our computer. You need to clean these temporary files and cookies to make your computer stay clean and faster. The best way to clean this things is to use an software. I use Ccleaner to clean all this things at one click.. believe me these software works great to make your computer faster. Download it free by click this link .

Use a good antivirus: The last tip is to use a reliable good antivirus which will prevent your computer from harmful antivirus. Kasper sky and bit Defender are leading antivirus but you have to pay for them. If you don’t have enough money then use a free antivirus because something is better the nothing. You can also download free Microsoft security essential to save your computer from harmful Malware and spy wares. Check the link

We hope this article will help you to make your computer stay error free and run faster. Make sure you subscribe by submitting your email at the top right Box to get updates about more computer tips and tricks. Also don't forget to Like our Facebook Fan page for cool updates and News! 

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