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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Suggestions for buying a good affordable laptop with decent price

Are you planning to buy a good new Laptop with low  price? The competition is very high in the laptop market. This is why nowadays we can buy a good laptop with affordable price. In this post we will give you some suggestions and tips to find good laptops with affordable price. 

Laptops are now essential tools in our daily life. But purchasing the right laptop now depends on the price. You will find the best laptops with high price which you can not afford. In this case you have to find laptops with the combination affordability and features.

Top 5 features you should search for when you look for a Laptop : 

1) Processor: Processor is the most important thing you should look for. A laptop with higher processor can wok faster and run many application together without slowing it down. We recommend you to buy a laptop with Core i3 or i5 processor.

2) Good graphics card: If you are a computer gamer then the most important thing would be your laptop graphics. NVIDIA graphics are the best for playing high quality games. However they are very expensive. The intel graphics are cheaper but not as good as NVIDIA.

3) Large Hard disk: Large hard disk are important to store lots of media files. Currently we recommend 500 GB of Hard disk.

4) Long battery life: The main advantages of the laptop is it's portable. But if your laptop does not have good battery life then you can not work for a long period of time outside. This is why long battery life is very important nowadays. HP and Samsung laptops are now offering laptops with longest battery life.

5) Blue ray drive:  A blue ray drive could be useful in modern time.

Below we are giving some laptop suggestions: 

1) Hp Pavillion DM3T - Laptop with the longest battery life.

2) Samsung 300E - I have bought this laptop few days ago. 7 hours of battery life with decent look. 500 GB hard disk , Core i3 processor , 1.5 GB graphics card, 4 GB ram. I bought it under 530 dollars in my country.

3) Toshiba Satellite: Toshiba has good reputation in building great laptops.

4) Acer Aspire: Ace provides the best features with the cheapest price as far as I know.

5) Sony Vaio :  Good for media users.

All the suggestions are given based on my personal pinion. It's up to you to find the best laptop. Hope yu have enjoyed reading this Blog.

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