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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Help! Virus in the USB flash drive! How to protect the computer from USB flash drive virus?

The time for CD and floppy drive is almost over. Now people are using USB flash drive more often to transfer files. Flash drive can easily spread  virus into your computer through auto run feature. USB flash drive is one of the most common cause to transfer virus from one computer to another. In this video we will share some awesome tips to protect your computer from USb flash drive virus. 

When you open the flash drive disk by double clicking or pressing enter, it uses the autorun features. A flash drive can easily spread virus if it is on auto run. So whenever you put an unknown flash drive into your computer, do not open it directly. You should open the flash drive from the task bar. 

Tips: How to access the file of a Flash drive using the Task-bar?

 1) Right Click on your Task-bar,  2) Select toolbars 3) Click on New toolbar 4) Select My computer and click Ok 5) At the right hand side you will see a "My computer option" with arrow key >>
6) Now click on the Arrow key and you will see all the drive of your computer. 7) Now you can access all the folder by pointing the mouse button on them , then you can click right button to cut, copy or paste. In this way you can access the flash drive without auto-running it.

Tips: Use antivirus before opening the flash drive 

At first scan the flash drive with your antivirus. To be in the safe side do not open the flash drive by double clicking even after the scan because your antivirus might not work properly. To open the flash drive use your address bar drop down menu (check the picture).

Are you thinking why should you do all these hard work for a simple USB flash disk? We are not advising you to follow all these procedure if you re 100% sure that the USB flash device is free from virus. When you are using the USB only in your computer only, you don't have to worry. But when you use someone else flash device, you must be careful. If you do not want to slow down or destroy your computer, then we recommend you to follow the tips. 

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