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Monday, June 25, 2012

List of all Funny interesting Google search engine tricks like "Do a barrel roll" and "let it snow"

Google often surprises us with their search tricks. In this post we are going to give you the list of some funny search tricks. 

1) Do a barrel roll: Go to and type Do a barrel roll and enjoy a barrel roll.

2) Zerg rush: Go to and type Zerg rush. Wait for 10 seconds and enjoy the trick

3) Google Gravity trick: Go to and type Google gravity trick, click the first result or go to this link. You can move all the parts of Google search bar. Just play with it the way you like.

4)  Google's Les paul Guitar: Google introduced an awesome online guitar in the 96th Birthday of Les paul. This was a huge hit in the internet. You can play the guitar with your mouse cursor or keypad. You can also record it as well. To play the guitar please go to this link

5) Askew: Go to and type Askew. Looks awkward right?

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