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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amazing New hurdle Google doodle - play 110m hurdles in Google

To celebrate the ongoing 2012 athletic competition, Google has has already came out with many Olympic Doodles. But most of them were just pictures. But today Google came out with the first interactive Olympic-2012 doodle.

You can play 110m hurdles in this Doodle. You have to run as quick as possible by using the left and right arrow keys. Use the space bar to jump over the hurdles.  Person who finishes the race with the lowest time is the winner. You have to jump over 10 hurdles.

How to play: 

step 1) Go to or Click this link

Step 2) Click the play Icon as you can see in the picture below:

Step 3) After clicking the play button, keep alternating between the left and right arrow keys as quick as possible. The faster you alternate, the faster you will run. Then press space bar to jump over the hurdle. Maintain your timing to jump over the hurdles without slowing down.

step 4) Get the lowest time to get the three stars. You can also challenge your friends to enjoy this game.Wanna challenge me? My timing is 11.3 seconds as you can see in the picture below. My record is faster than the world record actually ;) 

Enjoy the new doodle! Cheers! 

Good news! Other Google doodles!

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