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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Latest Google Basketball doodle - Play basketball in Google

Good news! Google has came out with another exciting interactive Doodle. In the previous day, Google came out with hurdle doodle where you can play 110m hurdles. Click here to see our post about Google Hurdle

Google already came out with so many Doodle based on Olympics 2012. It is the 13th Google's Olympic Doodle. In 7th August, Google introduced Hurdles Doodle, which got popular worldwide. So the next day Google came out with another similar interactive doodle. The name of the Doodle is Basketball 2012.

At first, Go to  or click this link

Your main objective is to throw the ball on the basket. Try to throw all the ball on the basket as soon as possible. Just use the Space bar to throw the ball.

Hope you will enjoy this Doodle. Let me us know about your Score ;)

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