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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Apple won smartphone patent copyright case against Samsung - Apple vs Samsung

Most of the people are aware about the rivalry between Apple and Samsung. Samsung and apple both are the 2 most popular Smartphone sellers at the moment. Apple's iPhone brought a new revolution in the smartphone market. Then Samsung also introduced the new Galaxy series smartphones which also became popular. But iPhone noticed patent similarities between the 2 smartphones, and this how the patent dispute started. 

However apple sued Samsung because of copying the Apple product's patent. Previously Samsung Galaxy Tablet sales have been banned by the US court for copying the Ipad . On the other hand Samsung also sued apple for copying some of their technology. 

                                                             Photo source: By sidduz

Recently Apple sued Samsung electronics for copying iPhone patents. It is considered as one of the biggest battle in the smartphone history. Both of the companies smartphone are popular worldwide. The patent dispute began when Samsung introduced the Galaxy series smartphones. Recently a long jury trial was going on regarding the smartphone patent disputes. Today in the morning I got the new that Samsung lost the battle. Apple won a jury verdict worth more than 1 us billion dollars against Samsung. That means Samsung Electronics have to pay more than 1 us billion dollars to compensate the damage. Besides Apple is also trying to ban as many Samsung products as possible. 

This is not the end. I think the patent dispute will continue for a longer period of time. 

Now tell us you opinion about the dispute in the comment. What do you think about the 2 companies? Is Samsung really copying each and every product of iPhone? Are you happy with the result? Do you prefer iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3? 

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