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Friday, August 24, 2012

FB tips and tricks - blue text links & tag people from mobile tricks

We already shared many cool Facebook tricks. In this Blog we will share some more Facebook tips and tricks! 

1) How to post blue text link as your Facebook Status: Have you noticed how people are posting blue text links? Those Text are clickable but when you click them, you are being redirected to your own profile page. Now we are gonna tell you how to do that. 

You just need to type your Facebook status inside a simple code to make it Blue Text Link. For the above Facebook Status, I have used the following code , 

@@[1:[0:1:Boring boring!!]]
Just copy the code and paste to your Facebook status bar to see the changes. Now you can simply change the text to make your own status. 

@@[1:[0:1:Write your text here!!]]

2)  How to tag people/fan page from mobile browser: It is really easy to tag people/fan-page by using a PC browser. But it is not easy to tag people/ fan page by using an ordinary cell phone browser. It might be difficult but not impossible. You can tag a specific people or fan page by using a simple code. 

To tag a person just simply use this code - @[id no:]

For example, If your profile ID is 201010101001, I need to type this code @[ 201010101001 :] in my status bar to tag your profile. 

How to find the ID: To find the ID of a person/page, click the profile link of the person or page. Then click message option. Then check the address bar, in the address bar you will find the id at the middle of the URL. 

3) Give a status with uʍop ǝpısdn (upside down) Letters : Screw your friends by posting a funny short status with upside downAlphabets. You can simply Flip any sentence using the Flip Text Generator - Just go to this link and Flip the Text.

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