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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Get a free international Master with 25 dollars from Payoneer - Transfer your Paypal/amazon/infolinks etc funds to your Payoneer Master card

I am a part time Blogger who has been blogging for the past 4 years. I have earned decent money to my Paypal account. However I was always upset because I was not able to withdraw money from my Paypal account because banks from my country do not allow withdrawing money via Paypal. I can spend money online by using my Paypal account but I can not withdraw money to my Paypal account. I think many of your are facing the same problem too!

Luckily I came to know about Payoneer! Payoneer can provide you a Master Card which can be used internationally for any purpose. You can load money to your Payoneer Master card by receiving fund from online websites, such as amazon affiliate, Paypal, Odesk, infolinks etc etc. You can also load fund using a Credit /debit card. Payoneer is very safe and affordable. After getting approved for the Payoneer card, you can apply for Payoneer US checking account. Once you get approved for the checking account you will be provided a US bank account number. You can use the Bank account number to receive money from source like , , infolinks etc etc. Your Payoneer Master Card will be sent to your Post Box within 20 days.

In a nutshell you get a virtual us account with a free Master Card. You will also get 25 dollars as reward and I will describe how to get it. Keep reading ..

How do I make money: I make money online by Blogging, writing article in websites like Expertscolumn etc. You can also work in other sites such as etc. Most of these websites will pay you via . Now if you are from  a country where you can not withdraw money by using a local Bank account, then you must have to use Payoneer Virtual US bank account to get the money. By using the Payoneer virtual Us bank account you will receive fund to your Master Card directly. Then you can use the Payoneer Master card to withdraw Cash from ATM , shop in any local store which accept debit/credit card and shop online.

How much is the Charge: The charge is very low. You will be charged only 2.5 dollars per month or around 29 dollars per year as service charge. This fee is very low compare to other Banks.

How to get Started: At first you have to apply for a Payoneer Master Card. Firstly, fill up the form and give them the necessary documents. You just have to give them the scanned copy of your National ID card or Passport copy or any other equivalent document. You should also provide source of your income to get the US checking account. I have provided the screen shot of my Paypal account and listed some of the money making website to get accepted.

Apply for Payoneer Master Card by clicking my Referral Link

You will receive free 25 dollars if you get your account by using my referral link. Note - You will receive 25 dollars Bonus when you receive at least 100 dollars to your account. This will ensure yourself as an active customer and therefore you will be rewarded!

If you have any more question regarding this please send me an email by clicking the "Contact" at the top of this Blog. I will try my best to answer your questions and help you to become a proud owner of a free Master Card.

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