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Friday, October 19, 2012

5 best puzzle games for Android Smartphones

Puzzle games are always a good source of entertainment whether it is played on a personal computer or on mobile phones. Nowadays there are so many types of puzzle games that are offered on the internet. These games are simple in graphics but are very interesting and addictive, you can play for hours.
These games can make your brain sharp and improve your problem solving abilities. There are hundreds of puzzle applications for your mobile phones. Below are the 5 most popular applications for android based smartphones:

1. Amazing Alex: Amazing Alex is the best physics based game which was developed by Rovio entertainment ltd. the maker of the very popular Angry Birds. This application is very addictive and can make you glued to your mobile phone. In this advanced game you need to interact with various things and figure out the best way to complete the stage. In the initial stages the whole concept appears to be very easy but as you climb the levels the difficulty increases. The graphics of this app are amazing and it has more than 100 levels. The price of Amazing Alex software is £0.69.

2. CrypticaCryptica is one of most popular problem solving games for android phones. It is all about ancient history and the mysteries. The main aim of this game is to save the temple by solving the secret to the vaults that were written many years ago. There are basically two versions of this software, one is an advertisement free version and another is ad version. These are easily available on the Playstore. The one which is free from advertisements is a paid application.

3. 100 Gates: This is another famous puzzle game for Smartphones. It has simple graphics and can really improve your problem solving skills. You need to solve tricky combinations for opening gates. Hints have been provided and you need to find all the possible ways to open the gates. As you keep on clearing the levels, the puzzles get trickier.

4. Bejeweled
: Bejewelled is the well-known match three gems style game which was developed by the world famous Electronic Arts (EA) and co. Basically there are three styles in Bejewelled they are action, classic and endless. It is not free software and it can easily be downloaded through Playstore for £20. When you’re choosing an action mode you need to match the gems within the time to finish the level. If you’re choosing endless mode then there is no limit for time. If you are playing classic mode you will get points for clearing the level.

5. Unlock me: Unblock me is an application that improves your decision making skills. As soon as you start the game you will find few boards of similar colours and one board with a red colour. The main goal of these games is to unblock the red coloured block from the similar ones. Unblock me is usually divided into 4 categories i.e. from beginner to pro. This is a free widget that is available on Google’s playstore.

There are so many puzzle games for android smart phones. Some of them are freely available and some are to be purchased. If you do not own a smartphone due to lack of money, loans for bad debt can help. You can benefit from this facility by just applying online.

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